Wedding Invitations in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Chapel Hill

Your wedding invitations don’t just inform your friends and family that you’re throwing a wedding; they’re also the first touchpoint guests have with the event; an item that conveys the wedding’s theme, colors and style. While it might be tempting to simply fill out an online invitation template and press print, these services tend to be generic, “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Custom wedding invitations give you the freedom to express your personal taste and style, and inject a lot more creativity than a standard template allows. Below are some tips for creating a great wedding invitation, and some of our favorite wedding invitation companies in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Chapel Hill.

How to Create a Raleigh Wedding Invitation That’s Totally Unique  

Break free from classic white cardstock and raised print—custom wedding invitations give you the freedom to say and depict anything you’d like, any way you’d like. Here are some awesome details that can help your invitation set the tone for the celebration to come.

  • Think beyond paper: Wedding invitations can be printed on unique textures like leather, linen, transparent acrylic, and even thin sheets of wood.
  • Play with shapes: You can also think outside the box, or rectangle, when it comes to your invitation’s shape. Circular invitations, for example, make for a unique mod touch.
  • Feature handmade art: Whimsical illustrations or watercolor washes from a local artist helps support local makers and give your invites a super-personal touch.
  • Use a unique seal: Custom monogrammed stickers and wax seals are great ways to amp up the invitation from the get-go. You can also tie it shut like a package with ribbons or twine.
  • Go glam around the edges: Beveled edges and gilded corners are just a few ways to jazz up an invite.

Whether you want a traditional, formal white card with raised lettering, or artsy, hand-painted cards on homemade paper, our Raleigh wedding invitation companies and artists can make your vision a reality. Want to be featured on this page? Click here to learn how to become one of our vendors.

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