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What to Expect from Local Wedding Catering Businesses During COVID-19

For many local caterers around the country, wedding catering represents a bulk of their business – up to 70% for some of them. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 has, unfortunately, put wedding plans on the back burner for most couples. This has forced many in the food and wedding catering industry to scramble to keep their businesses afloat.

Their solutions to this on-going problem have been nothing short of genius in some cases. Here’s a look at how local catering companies are surviving and even thriving in the wake of the Coronavirus.

Offering New Services

In many places, it’s not possible for more than 10 people to meet at a time. Wedding catering companies have responded to this edict by creating micro-wedding elopement packages, as well as small-group catering that feeds groups of 10 or less.

Other catering companies have developed food and meal delivery programs. The companies that have done this have tried to keep the meal plans reasonable. Many of these meal delivery service providers created meal plans that rival grocery store budgets. In other words, customers can buy a week of prepped meals for what it would have cost them to buy groceries over the same period of time.

Utilizing the Power of Online Connections

Most catering and food companies have learned that adapting to the post-COVID world has required them to tap into modern tech in ways they never have before. Many set up online order forms that allowed customers to order food, drinks and more. It streamlined the process, and it permitted companies to maintain social distancing guidelines.

Some local wedding caterers even use this online format to advertise COVID-inspired services. For example, one Vermont company that provides tents for weddings has taken to offering the tents to restaurants as a way for those establishments to expand their dining space. Doing this allows the restaurants in question to maintain social distancing guidelines. It also gives this wedding vendor a new outlet for their wares and local restaurant owners new options.

Shifting Focus to Charities

Once COVID-19 hit the USA, big gatherings such as events, conferences, weddings, etc, which are the staple of the catering world, ended. As a result, many catering and food companies were left with an overabundance of stock that would go bad very quickly.

Many local food industry establishments, like Catering Works, Empire Eats Catering, and Catering by Design; put their focus on creating foods, like quarantine cookies, and then donating some of the sale proceeds to local food banks. Other food and catering companies donated the extra food they had on-hand to local charities and to frontline workers.

Efforts like these put wedding catering companies in the public eye in a positive way. These food-related activities allow local caterers to serve the public, literally and figuratively.

Food is life, and for most people, the most important events of their lives, like weddings, center around food. People find comfort in a good meal. Enjoy conversations and sharing a laugh around the table. Adding this charitable component to their roster has allowed the public to see local wedding caterers in a new light.

If you’re in need of a wedding catering service around Raleigh for micro-weddings and other small gatherings, contact one of our preferred local wedding catering vendors today. We’d love to help you connect with our trusted partners for your big day!

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