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Our style is often described as “photojournalistic”, “creative”, “timeless”, and “styled with a vintage-inspired flair.” We strive to capture the true essence of the person we are photographing. Whether we are doing a lifestyle session or a styled portrait session, we encourage you to allow your own spirit, your own creativity to come alive!
A little more about us? We are based out of Western NC, available for travel. We love all things vintage, coffee 24-7, Bob Dylan, winter coats, big band swing music, spontaneous trips to the mountains, and Jesus. Shoot us an email and say “hello”!”

Revival Photography Western NC Wedding Photography Reviews

“Heather and Jason Barr performed nothing short of a miracle in terms of photographing our wedding. The photos that were produced from this wedding are stunning to say the least! Just check out their website and you will agree. This is a first wedding for my husband and me who are a bit later in life to marry and so we did not take this adventure lightly. We did not want the standard wedding pictures where a room was set up with a standard backdrop and everyone had their canned photo taken which would appear boring and lacking in creativity. This pair blended right into the mix and captured moments that you didn’t even realize they were shooting! A wedding day can be such a blur for most couples, but looking back at the pictures Heather and Jason took we can now just savor all the work that we put into the planning and agonizing over the largest and yet the simplest of details thanks to their combined vision. Heather and Jason have composed nothing short of a pictorial time capsule, only this one is complete with the same fluid emotions born on our wedding day because of their sharp eye, timing, composition and vision. From getting my hair and makeup done, to the groom getting ready they cover it all. They also captured so many behind the scenes action that as a Bride I could not have possibly experienced. We have been so very blessed by these two individuals that have shared their talents with us and created a story of our long awaited day that we will only experience once in a lifetime. Their vision and ambition is truly a treasure that we will always have and I cannot imagine any significant event that needs to be photographed not involving Heather and Jason Barr. If only they lived in Virginia. Thank you both so much for sharing your talents with us. We savor your gift to us!” – Leigh + Brian, married at The Mast Farm Inn

“One of the most important aspects for us in planning our wedding was our photographer. We wanted someone we could trust completely to capture the special moments and joy of the day, and I cannot even begin to say how completely HAPPY we are with our wedding photos by Revival Photography! Jason and Heather have been absolutely amazing to work with from the very beginning, and were always quick to reply to our questions and emails. We really appreciated how much energy they put into creating a timeline and plan for the wedding day so that things could run smoothly and efficiently. Our photos were everything we wanted them to be, and the edits were crafted perfectly! We have definitely enjoyed working with Jason and Heather, and appreciate who they are as people and photographers. We would highly recommend them and their work to anyone needing wedding or portrait photography!”- Ben + Alicia

“I honestly cannot fully put into words how much I love and appreciate Heather and Jason Barr of Revival Photography. They went above and beyond to make sure that they captured every special moment and detail of our wedding. The wedding photography was BEAUTIFUL – my jaw continuously dropped as I viewed each photo when we received them (which was very quickly I might add). In addition to this, my bridal portraits were completely amazing – everything I had hoped for and more. They were constantly in contact with us to make sure that everyone was on the same page. They were fantastic to work with and they made us feel so comfortable. As you may be able to tell from the sentences above, my husband and I were thrilled with the results.”
-Scott + Amanda

“Saying Jason & Heather Barr are a husband and wife team, specializing in weddings, children, family, styled portraits, and commercial photography is like saying The Avett Brothers are a decent little band from North Carolina. They are awe-and-then-some.”
-Henri Deschamps, Owner and CEO of The Mast Farm Inn, Valle Crucis, NC

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