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Mini-Destination Weddings Could Be the Answer

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Many hotels, hostels or vacation rentals are venturing into the business of weekend destination weddings. For busy couples that are looking for an unusual but simple solution to their wedding, these mini-destination weddings are becoming a popular idea.
If you drive into the mountains, beach or other weekend vacation area, you will see on the spring and summer weekends several wedding parties. Here is how it works.

The wedding party comes up on Friday. They stay at the venue through Sunday. Friday night is the rehearsal followed by a catered dinner for the wedding party. Saturday morning is for relaxing, and then getting ready for the late afternoon wedding. After the service, all the guests are invited to another catered dinner at the same facilities for all the guests. After dinner, guests can return home or spend the night in the area. Meanwhile, the wedding party has no need to rush the reception as they will not be leaving on the night of the wedding. Sunday morning, the wedding party leaves the hotel and returns home.

The hotel usually requires that the wedding party work with one of their caterers and wedding planners. But, this cost is all included in the wedding price. Paying for each item individually can often cost more than the hotel’s all-inclusive price. The hotels usually have a garden or lake to hold your service, which can be decorated any way you choose. The reception can be inside or outside under the sky and can be decorated with just about any theme. Marrying under a starry sky is very romantic.

Many religious services can be accommodated at these locations. For those that cannot, the bride and groom can have a low key wedding at their church before the destination ceremony. The best part is, unlike a wedding in a local park, the hotel will keep other guests, children, and joggers out of the area of your event.

The hotel can arrange special wedding clothes to be delivered to your room directly from the rental shop. They can also arrange to return these items for you. They can also keep part of the cake and have it sent to your home for later if you wish. Flowers are usually delivered to the venue for the ceremony.

One problem with a mini-destination wedding can be guests with medical problems or those who are older. Most hotels can accommodate handicapped guests, including providing transportation in electric carts to and from parking lots and guest areas to all events. This way, no friends or family members need to be left out.

So, if you are planning a wedding, don’t forget to look at some all-inclusive venues. These venues can be the making of your wedding, all within several hours drive from home.