Wedding Rentals

Learn How American Party Rentals Can Transform Your Ceremony & Reception

Importance of Working with a Local Wedding Rental Company

When you are planning your wedding or reception, American Party Rentals can create a space that is worthy of your union. Most people who have an idea of what their wedding will look like need to rent the chairs, tables, and accessories that make that possible. You can rent everything down to the centerpieces and flowers for the tables. Read more about how to get everything you need to make your wedding look beautiful.


You Can Rent Tables And Chairs In Any Colors

While tablecloths and chair covers are a fantastic way for you to bring vibrant color to your wedding, you could rent all your tables and chairs in any color that you like. Bring your theme to the people at American Party Rentals so that you can pick the exact colors you need. You can mix and match the tables/chairs, or you could rent a full set that is all one color.

Plus, you may rent tables and chairs that are the appropriate style for your wedding. You are not stuck with the generic tables and chairs that you see at older event spaces. Your wedding can look modern, rustic, cozy, or elegant.

You Can Rent Decorations

The decorations that you rent can be placed on every table, used around the room to make it look beautiful, and even used to help hide certain parts of the event space that do not suit your theme. You may consult with an expert to find out which decorations will match your wedding ceremony. You can rent centerpieces, vases, glasses, drapes for certain parts of the room, an arbor to get married under, and even a canopy if you would like to get married outside in the rain.

Save Money

The money that you save on your wedding rentals can be dedicated to other parts of the ceremony. You can give the rental items back when the ceremony is over, and a crew will come to the space to pick everything up. It is very simple for you to set times for delivery and pickup. Plus, you can ask for a special price on certain items that might be out of season or not in demand.

Bring Pictures Of The Event Space

You should bring pictures of the wedding space when you would like to meet with. Rental expert. You can work with someone who rents wedding decorations every day, and the two of you can create a nice wedding design that you is built as you complete the rental contract. You can sign a rental contract of any length, and all the items that are on the list will be checked in when the delivery truck arrives.

The Guest Calculator

When you have decided how many guests will be at your wedding, you can use a special calculator on their website. You can determine how many tables you need, which sets you can use for the number of guests you have, and there is even a chart that shows you how to layout the room.

There is a dance floor chart you can use to determine how much space you need for dancing, and you can create your own sketch of the space that you can use with your planner. Once you have set everything up with a rental expert, you can use the chart to set up. If you have people helping out, you can give everyone a copy of the chart you created.

American Party Rentals makes it easy for you to layout your wedding, rent the appropriate furniture, linens, and decorations, and save money.

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