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Get to Know Lisa Zilli and Concierge Boutique Travel

Concierge Boutique Travel is a travel company that specializes in luxury travel. CBT’s clients can expect to receive a complete itinerary that will include very unique and private activates / locations. Some other phrases that describe the services provided are ‘care free travel’ and ‘fully immersed excursions’. Some examples of locations and activities include vineyard and organic farm tours along the coast of Italy. Other common locations include the Caribbean, Hawaii, and other beautiful places in Europe.

What Makes Concierge Boutique Travel Different?

Clients have described Lisa’s services as ‘care free travel’ and ‘fully immersed excursions’ with examples of locations and activities from vineyards and organic farm tours to the coasts of Italy and more common worldly locations such as, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and many more beautiful places around Europe. Lisa’s attention to detail while being an active listener helps create a trip unlike any other for her clients to relax, and know everything has been thought out, well-communicated and planned with care.

How Has Concierge Boutique Travel Been Surviving During COVID-19?

After COVID-19 hit CBT’s primary focus was helping clients reschedule trips (something that people that had vacations scheduled without travel agents had to handle own their own). CBT provided their clients with top notch service by quickly and effectively rescheduling their trips (clients of larger agencies do not receive the attention that Lisa provides to her clients). After the initial panic of COVID-19 CBT focused on planning trips locally (NC) and nationally (US) and saw a complete halt in international travel planning. Lisa also worked hard to fine tune business processes’ and generate new travel ideas during the slowdown in business. New travel ideas focused on private/small excursions as CBT believes that people will want more privacy/distance due to COVID-19.

How Can Lisa and Concierge Boutique Travel Help with Your Travel Plans?

CBT hopes that the COVID-19 pandemic has helped shed light on the value of having a travel agent. One example of the value a travel agent brings that was heightened during the COVD-19 pandemic was when everyone’s trips needed to be canceled/rescheduled due to the travel restrictions and fear of contracting the virus. People with travel agents were able to reschedule and cancel their trips with minimal stress as their travel agents handled it for them while everyone else had to deal with the problems on their own. Other examples of the value of having a travel agent include: having connections/relationships within the industry, expert advice, personal relationship, and custom tailored trips that are fully planned out for you.

Let’s Have a Conversation!

Travel agents provide much more than scheduling and planning. Many like Lisa are well connected to the industry, vendors, venues, hotels, resorts, and other travel planners within various regions around the world. These connections allow travels agents like Lisa to get the latest updates on current state of affairs, better pricing, weed out poor service providers, and improve your overall experience. Let’s talk today if you’re planning a vacation, planning a honeymoon, planning a destination wedding, or planning a business trip. Concierge Boutique Travel would love to help you make your travel goals a reality!

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