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All about Outdoor Weddings in Raleigh, NC

When you and your partner enjoy natural spaces, having part or all of your celebration outdoors can help to really emulate your style as a couple. You might initially balk at the thought of having an outdoor wedding because you think it’s extra work. With the right guidance and the right vendors, you can craft a celebration that reflects your mutual love for nature. With beautiful weather at so many times of the year, Raleigh is the perfect spot for this type of celebration.

Define What You Want
While you don’t need to make a final decision this moment, you should start to consider what parts of your celebration you would like to occur outside. In other words, you may want every element, from the ceremony to the after party, to happen in outside spaces, or you may choose for one component to happen in nature. For example, you might choose to marry in All Saints Chapel and then have an outdoor cocktail hour and reception elsewhere. In the event that you are planning to have a religious ceremony, do keep in mind that some faiths have rules about ceremonies taking place outdoors.

Consider Mother Nature
Thinking about a terrible storm blowing through on your wedding day is probably rather unpleasant. However, bad weather can happen, and you want to have a back-up plan in the event that it does. Selecting a venue that offers outdoor spaces only is not the best idea. You also want to make sure that you both love the outdoor space. While you might feel a little bit of disappointment if your wedding has to be moved inside at the last minute, you don’t want emotions of horrible upset to come to the surface. One way to coordinate these elements and to craft a suitable back-up plan is to work with a professional wedding planner, such as C and D Events, Jennifer V. Event Design, Harmony Weddings, and Events or other experts in the area.

Select a Style
As you’re starting to craft your vision, think about what style of a wedding you want. Whether you’re outdoors or indoors, you can still infuse elements of your style as a couple into your wedding. For example, if you want elements of a rustic style infused into your wedding, you could opt for a nuptial celebration at Lavender Oaks Farm. You could also get a historical feel at the Preston Woodall House while you are outside and surrounded by the history of nature. Checking out a few venues is certainly advisable. Today’s stunning photography can certainly relay crystal-clear images to you over the internet, but walking around the spaces will really help you to get a feel for the vibe.

Offer Complementary Cuisine
Ultimately, you should choose a menu that delights you. Still though, consider having the menu for the wedding complement the outdoor space that you’re choosing. In other words, imagine that you’re planning to have your cocktail hour outside during the summer. Offering a host of only heavy dishes is likely to make your guests feel a bit uncomfortable in the heat. Instead, aim for a balance. Opt for some buffet items, but also infuse cuisine that is on the lighter side. A beautiful spread of cheese and crackers along with some slices of sushi can help guests to cool off.

Let Guests Know
Think about letting your guests know that parts of or all of the event will be held outdoors. The reason is so that they can plan ahead in terms of outfits. For example, women may want to avoid high heels if they are going to have to walk on grass or rocky terrain. All guests may choose to bring a light sweater if the reception is to be held outdoors at night during the cooler parts of the year. By working with a professional invitation design company, such as Paper Buzz, Paper Mojo or Sealed with Appeal, you can tastefully integrate this information into your invitations.

An outdoor wedding is a captivating way to express who you are as a couple and to enjoy nature on your wedding day. To craft the perfect event, make sure to keep these considerations in mind.